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J & J is a company that was made to support upcoming businesses by simplifying the process of creating your online presence and having confidence that your money is safe until you are satisfied. Hand crafted Websites, meticulous digital design, and affordable prices will make us the optimal partners for your project.

Every business needs a website nowadays. Website builders are cheap, but inefficient. A full stack Developer are reliable, but crazy expensive. We are right in the sweet spot, cheap and reliable. Willing to do whatever it takes to make your online presence known.

with $0 to start working making your website, and we will give you unlimited redrafts until you are satisfied.

  • $0 startup fee
  • $200 base fee
  • $40 per page
  • $20 per image
  • Unlimited redrafts
  • monthly payments tailored to need

My name is James Lanagan, and I am the Web Developer. I work with new upcoming businesses to support their vision of creating a custom website for their company.

In our current world it seems like website Developers are not needed anymore. you can easily make your own, but what they forget to mention is now you must learn how to do it yourself on an online website builder. Which sounds great at first; it’s cheap and there is not back and forth every time you want to change something, but unless you are technically inclined. This will be very time-consuming and is difficult to make it look like you want it to. That is where I come in.

For free you can have unlimited redrafts until you are satisfied with your personalized website.

My name is Jonathon Brueske, I am the Graphic Designer for J&J.

Since as far back as I can remember I have always loved the world of art and design, and in my early years of high school I was shown a broader horizon in digital art and media. I eventually grew my skills, abilities, and understanding; becoming the one everyone turned to for help in my graphics design classes. I also became a peer teacher at one point to further my knowledge of the design world. Over the last five years I have continued to further develop my work by expanding my understandings of adobe photoshop and a few other smaller software’s

After James approached me with the idea of starting a company, I knew I could not miss this opportunity. The chance to prove my abilities and drive my passion for design even further beyond.

design idea